时尚英语学习之2017时尚盘点之流行服饰 看我的百变穿搭

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2017时尚盘点之流行服饰 看我的百变穿搭

Match your shoes and belt when dressing formally.


Don't mix patterns.


Dress to the specifications required.


Don't wear shorts with a blazer or jacket.


Match your color palette to the season.


Don't wear a vest on its own.


Don't button the last button on a jacket or sweater.


Don't wear suspenders and a belt at the same time.


Never wear sneakers with suits.



The team behind the unique dress – two girls and two boys – got the idea for it over six months ago, while trying to come up with an interesting project for the annual “Animal and Plant Specimen Contest” at the University of Hefei. During that time, the girls couldn’t stop talking about how gorgeous the dress worn by Chinese actress Fan BingBing at the Cannes Festival looked, and one of them suggested they try to recreate it out of plant leaves. They ran the idea by their teacher, and even though he considered it difficult to pull off, they went with it anyway.


After researching the best way to use plant leaves as fabric, and coming up with a design for their dress, the four students started collecting the leaves. Some species were readily available on campus, but others, like magnolia leaves were not, so they had to travel to Tianzhu Mountain to collect them.


To ensure that the collected leaves didn’t shrivel or rot, the students removed the flesh by boiling them in alkali and sodium carbonate solution for about two hours. This made the flesh easier peeled away, leaving only the “skeleton” of the leaf, a thin film with all the intricate veins left intact.


The four science and biotechnology students could only work on their special dress after classes and on weekends, so it took them nearly four months to complete. That’s a pretty long time, but it all paid off when one of the girls got to finally put on the leaf dress and show it off to everyone. They posted photos of it, at various stages, online, and it went viral almost instantly.


Replacing single straps, lace-up shoes that criss-cross and wrap around the ankle are the style du jour that’s equal parts girlish and suggestive.


It’s a look that’s dominated the fashion industry ever since Miu Miu’s buckled ballet flats hit the scene and this season was no exception as designers trotted a love affair with lace-ups.


At House of Holland, gingham drop-waist dresses in red, purple, and orange were paired with corresponding pointed heels that bound the ankle. While, models at Givenchy wore lace-up sandals with thick socks in red, brown or purple alongside fitted dresses and boss suits with swingy flared trousers.


In contrast, tied-up booties were the lustworthy look at Versace where a club-friendly collection saw bad girls stomp the runway in cropped MA-1 jackets, and bodycon clothes. 与上面的两个品牌相反,在范思哲俱乐部系列中展现的是坏女孩穿着MA-1短夹克和紧身裙踏上T台,显得绑带靴充满诱惑。

So, how should you be styling them? 那么我们应该如何搭配这款鞋呢?

For lazy days by the beach or a bohemian festival fuelled vibe, pair yours with a floaty summer dress or refined 70s inspired accessories.


Likewise, don’t be afraid to introduce them to the boardroom by pairing with sleek trousers and a tucked-in sharp shirt for a look that oozes confidence.


Whatever you choose to wear them with, it’s important to make sure it’s a cropped style that exposes the ankle so the wrap detail doesn’t get completely lost in translation.


An Italian company has created stick-on soles that can protect your feet when you're clambering over rocks and swimming in the sea.


The alternative to flip-flops are also anti-slip, and can be peeled off and on for multiple uses.


As well as protecting against the sun, the soles can be worn in the swimming pool to protect against verrucas and other infections.


The shoes are also cut-proof and its creators even recommended them to people who want to walk down the street barefoot.


The rubber soles come in black, pink and light blue and a range of sizes for men and women.


If you're unsatisfied with your cup size but don't want to splash out on a breast enhancement, a quirky new T-shirt might be a cheap and pain-free alternative.


The bizarre optical illusion T-shirt promises to give anyone a busty chest.


The Illusion Grid T-shirt, which costs £30 from Japanese brand ekoD Works, has been designed using a clever optical illusion that makes breasts appear double their size if you're looking at them front on.

这款错视网格T恤来自日本品牌ekoD Works,售价30英镑(约合260元人民币),使用巧妙的视错觉方法设计而成,如果从前面看去,胸部看起来就大了一倍。

As the model shots attest, the effect doesn't work from the side or when you're laying flat.


According to, Japanese vendor Village Vanguard, which will be selling the T-shirt, describes it as a T-shirt that 'realises a delusional world that people are envisioning secretly.'


A Japanese sports shop is reporting a surge in demand for nipple covers as mammary gland concealment becomes all the rage in the eccentric Far-Eastern country.


The Dot Store says nipple covers, usually used by long-distance runners to prevent chafing, are flying off its shelves, with 55,000 sets being sold so far this year.

Dot Store表示,乳贴一般是长跑者用来防止衣服摩擦乳头的,这款产品今年的销量非常好,目前为止已经售出了55000副。

The Dot Store's nipple covers are adhesive, water-resistant, transparent patches similar to sticking plasters. Dot Store出售的乳贴是有粘性、防水、透明类似膏药的贴片。

The feat has been achieved by marketing the nipple covers as fashion items instead of sports accessories.


An advertisement for the product shows a girl on a date being enchanted with her young beau when his nipples are covered but disgusted when they are seen poking through his T-shirt.


A group of business students have created the RompHim - touted as the male version of the romper - in the hope that it will spark a 'fashion revolution'. 一群商科学生设计了一款男装,将其命名为RompHim,号称是男款的背心连体裤。他们希望由此引发一场“时尚革命”。

But the striking garments have caused a stir online with one Twitter user calling them 'just wrong' with another saying she was 'offended' by them.


One wrote: 'My hubby would never wear a #romphim'.

一位网友写道:“我丈夫绝对不会穿# romphim男士连体裤。”

However it wasn't all negative with one man branding them 'cute' while Ken Casparis said he 'would probably wear one'.


According to a 2013 Japanese study, 84 percent of women find looking at male nipples through their see-through white shirts disgusting, and men don’t like wearing transparent white clothes too much either, but they don’t really have too many options, especially when it comes to t-shirts. But now, a Japanese company called the Seiso Shiro T Production Committee claims to have come up with the ultimate male nipple-concealing technology. Developed over a period of two years, using special Japanese stitching techniques and high quality, pesticide-free cotton from Japan, the USA, Uganda, and India, their new white t-shirts promise to make visible nipples a thing of the past.

根据日本2013年的一项研究,84%的女性认为男性穿着能看出乳头的白色T恤很恶心,而男性也不太喜欢穿会透的白色衣服,但是他们并没有太多选择,尤其是在白色T恤上。不过,现在日本有家名为Seiso Shiro T Production Committee的公司声称研发出了隐藏男性乳头的终极技术。历经两年的研发过程,采用了特别的日本缝纫技术和产自日本、美国、乌干达、印度的高质量、无杀虫剂污染的棉花,该公司新生产的白色T恤承诺让“看得见乳头”成为历史。

The Seiso Shiro T (Formal White T) t-shirts can allegedly keep men’s nipples concealed in all but the most extreme conditions. They are vulnerable to intense light and water, so you might not want to go swimming in them. However, the efficacy of these t-shirts is reflected in the price tag. Whether you prefer the v-neck or crew-neck version, you’re still going to fork out 9,000 yen for one. And that’s if you can even get your hands on one.

据称,除了在最极端的条件下,Seiso Shiro T牌正装白色T恤都可以隐藏男性的乳头。该T恤不耐强光和水,所以你应该不会想穿着它去游泳。但是,这些T恤的效能也反映在它们的价格标签上。不管你是喜欢V领还是圆领,你买一件这种T恤都要花9000日元(合人民币551元)。这还是在你能买得到的情况下。

Seiso Shiro T Production Committee has announced that a limited edition of just 200 white t-shirts will go on sale, on March 3, 2017. However, this is only intended as a trial run. If the market shows interest in these nipple-obscuring garments despite their steep price, we might see more Seiso Shiro T white t-shirts for sale in the future.

Seiso Shiro T Production Committee公司宣布200件限量版白色T恤将于2017年3月3日上市。但是,这只是一次试销售。如果在价格这么昂贵的情况下市场仍对这种隐藏乳头的衣服表现出兴趣,我们在未来可能会看到更多的Seiso Shiro T白T恤。